Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mod a Sewing Machine

Well, I thought I could go a year without sewing, then I rethought that and decided to pick up a small sewing machine at the stores and use that. I was inspired by some blog wherein the user posted pics of fabrics at a Korean market. Awesome. So I'm taking a Janome Sew Mini with me. With taxes it was $56, a little more than I wanted to pay, but it got good reviews, is small, but not too small, is also pretty light, hopefully not too light. Hmmm. So this is a pretty cheap machine and I am inspired to mod it up. I'll take a page from the gamers handbook and turn it out as much as possible. Here's what it looks like right now:

I'm going to spray paint it either pink, blue, or green. Actually blue would be best because I'm going for a blue theme in my apartment. So the plan is to sandpaper the exterior (after making sure it works obviously) and then put tape on pic of the stitches and the dials odds and ends and stuff and side thingamabobber. Then give it a brief layer of spray paint and let that dry for a couple of hours before giving it another coat. I may apply the paint around the stitch numbers with a paintbrush. Or I could just cover them up and keep the manual. Actually I like that Idea and after the machine is blue, I will use acryllic paints to paint some flowers on it. Maybe I should look at stencils or something. Hmmm. This machine is gonna look so awesome, I'm not going to want to give it up when I get back and upgrade. lol. Here's an inspiration from that is pretty inspiring. I love the colors, but the other painting will be different on mine. No words, just images of flowers in a darker blue and white. Hmmm. VISION.


Kathleen said...

I'm so glad you decided to not go without sewing for a year - what a cute little machine!! Can't wait to see your creations.

Anabolina said...

Thanks Kathleen, I've been a bit busy and short of money and my little sew mini didn't cooperate the first time I tried it, but hopefully, it'll do better today. :)